Say YES or NO to the weekly leaflet package

With, households can specify whether they (temporarily) wish to receive Spotta's leaflet package. InMijnBus also offers the option to temporarily pause the delivery, for example during vacations and if desired, households can customize their own folder package. With InMijnBus by Spotta, everything is taken care of in one place.

The weekly folder package from Spotta includes flyers from supermarkets, drugstores, and hardware stores, among others.

This is how it works

Step 1

Go to and enter your postcode and house number

Step 2

Choose YES, NO or create your own leaflet package

Step 3

Temporarily switch deliveries on or off

Change preferences?

Change your preference at any time

Indicate whether you would like to receive Spotta's leaflet package at any time and as often as you like.

Temporarily switch deliveries on or off

Going on holiday? Set InMijnBus to off. Festive season approaching? Then you can indicate that you would like Spotta's leaflet package for a certain period of time.

We don't know who you are

The InMijnBus code belongs to the house. We do this for privacy reasons, we are unaware of who you are and don't want to know. We only know the address. As a resident of that address, you let us know via InMijnBus whether or not you want to receive Spotta's leaflet package. InMijnBus does not collect personal data.

No letterbox sticker needed for Spotta's leaflet package

Once you indicate via InMijnBus your preference for receiving or declining Spotta's leaflet package, the deliverer will respect the online choice for your household at that address. The letterbox sticker will be invalid from that moment on for Spotta's leaflet package.

Customize your own folder package

With InMijnBus, you have the option of customizing your own leaflet package. Would you like to receive only your favorite leaflets? Then choose 'Folderpakket zelf samenstellen'.

Frequently asked questions

We are sorry to hear you did not receive your package.
Please click here to send a report.

No. At the moment, on InMijnBus you can only choose YES or NO for the Spotta weekly leaflet package. The sticker is still required for other leaflets and free local newspapers.

Starting 1 July 2023, there will be no indication for YES or NO for households on InMijnBus. As soon as municipalities switch to InMijnBus, we will inform households who currently receive leaflets that these households will continue to receive the Spotta leaflet package. Continuing to receive the Spotta leaflet package will be based on the current preferences of the well-known YES or NO leaflet stickers. So NO will remain NO. InMijnBus is for the receivers (YES)

If you currently receive a leaflet package, we will inform you when your neighborhood switches to the YES delivery model InMijnBus, and from then on the deliverer will follow the preference indicated on InMijnBus for your address. We'll let you know in advance how this transition will go smoothly so you won't miss a leaflet.

Yes, you can. Your YES or NO is welcome now and will remain until you change it again. However, only when we have converted your neighborhood to the new YES delivery model will we start delivering according to your preference. Until then, Spotta will deliver based on letterbox stickers.

Of course, you can already set your home address to NO on InMijnBus and it will remain that way until you change it yourself. We will only start delivering based on InMijnBus once we have converted your neighborhood to the new delivery model. Until then, Spotta will deliver based on the letterbox sticker.

Yes, you can. This can only be done by phone via 088-8424398 on weekdays from 08.30 to 17.00.

Between September 2023 and June 2024, the whole of the Netherlands will switch to InMijnBus. As soon as it is your neighborhood's turn, we will let you know. We will communicate with households that have indicated that they want to receive advertising leaflets through the current letterbox sticker system. Spotta will not bother households that currently indicate NO, because NO is NO.

InMijnBus had to be easier than placing a sticker, so you don't need an account and you set your mailbox to YES or NO within 1 minute. To prevent misuse, we have built in several invisible safeguards. If a home address is changed too often or too soon after a previous change, the support centre must be contacted. We add these additional thresholds only in case of potentially suspicious situations. We thus prevent someone from setting an entire street to YES or NO.

On InMijnBus, we only remember your choice: YES or NO. You do not have to give a reason for saying YES or NO. Every week, our deliverers receive an ever-changing list of only the addresses where they should deliver a leaflet package. This is the minimum information we need to have in order to provide our service. So our deliverer will not know, as in the current letterbox system, why an address has been set to YES or NO and whether it is permanent or temporary.

Yes, you can do so by calling 088-8424398 on weekdays from 8.30am to 5pm.

Consumers use advertising leaflets for their shopping. Some 2/3rds of Dutch people read them almost every week. One in five households needs the offers to make ends meet. So the weekly advertising brochures continue to meet a need unabated. In addition, entrepreneurs need the advertising brochure to attract (new) customers to their service, shop or restaurant.

Spotta is the national deliverer of more than 90% of the advertising leaflets in the Netherlands. They deliver the familiar weekly leaflet package, the self-compiled leaflet package, loose letterbox advertising and provide leaflet displays in shopping areas. Would you like to know more about Spotta? Go to

Through InMijnBus, you indicate whether your household wants to receive the Spotta leaflet package. We register this for your address. By doing so, you make it clear that you accept Spotta's offer and that an agreement has been made. In order to execute this agreement - to receive the leaflet package from Spotta - it is necessary to register and process your request for an address. Spotta, therefore, has a legal basis to register the address and your request in InMijnBus, as required by the AVG. If you have any questions about this, please contact us at [email protected].

You can read the terms and conditions that apply when you choose to receive or not receive the Spotta leaflet package via InMijnBus here.

InMijnBus only processes an address and only whether your household wants to receive Spotta's leaflet package. InMijnBus never processes names and therefore does not know who you are.

Wanneer je kiest voor ' Het folderpakket zelf samenstellen', stel je in 3 gemakkelijke stappen jouw persoonlijke folderpakket samen. Om jouw persoonlijke folderpakket bij je te kunnen bezorgen, is het belangrijk dat je je folders selecteert en je extra’s kiest. Vervolgens maak je je account af. Als je binnen 2 dagen na je registratie op InMijnBus geen account aanmaakt op, kunnen we jouw persoonlijke folderpakket niet bezorgen. In dat geval zullen we je eerdere keuze voor het standaard folderpakket van Spotta volgen en dit bij je blijven bezorgen.

Our deliverer will only look at your household's preference on InMijnBus. If your municipality switches or has just switched to a YES Sticker, you will have to register your preference on InMijnBus. This means that if your preference is not registered on InMijnBus, and you do have a YES sticker, our deliverer will NOT deliver a leaflet package.

In this pack, you will find leaflets from supermarkets, drugstores and DIY stores, among others.

Spotta is the national deliverer of more than 90% of advertising leaflets in the Netherlands. They deliver the trusted weekly folderpackage, the self-composed folderpackage, and provide folder displays in shopping areas. Want to know more about Spotta? Go to